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The Haiti Project connects local churches in the United States to local churches on the Island of La Gonave, Haiti to partner together for relational and community development.

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Currently, the village of Nan Batol walks 30 minutes to a shared water source for three villages of about 15,000 people.

In an effort to provide clean water to their neighbors along with the Living Water of Jesus Christ, the church visions to have a well and pump located on the church property to be used by the entire community.

Nan Batol Water Project

The Haitian Coffee Process

In 2014, we traveled to Plain Mapou, Haiti on the Island of La Gonave. A portion of that trip was to document the local Haitian coffee process. Please take some moments to view the traditional process for coffee from Island of La Gonave.

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What is The Haiti Project doing now or planning in the future? Check out the current and near-future projects on the calendar.

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